New York homeless refugee surprises by winning NY State (K-3) chess champion title

New York homeless refugee surprises by winning  NY State  (K-3) Chess Champion Title

Tanitoluwa Adewumi, in short, called as Tani by his parents and school mates. Tani who is  8 years old moved to the USA from Nigeria as a refugee for a better life and to escape from death threats.

Tani developed an interest in chess after he was enrolled at a local elementary school at PS116  in Manhattan. His part-time chess teacher soon recognised his talent during the chess training session.  Tani joined the chess coaching school after he was offered a place by Russell Mulosky and a waiving off the fees. 

Last month, he won the New York State Chess Champion K3  title at the age of 8 and is now recognised worldwide. 

His school principal Jane Hsu told the New York Times  "It’s an inspiring example of how life's challenges do not define a person."   Toni lived with his mother and brother at the homeless shelter but recently he has moved to an apartment after raising funds through GoFundMe page set by Russell Mulosky.

This amazing boy is determined to be the youngest chess Grand Master and working his way to achieving just that.  

As a chess enthusiast myself, it is interesting to see the young kids interest in chess.  The numbers are growing around the world.  Chess improves thinking ability and problem-solving skills. Chess also allows kids to understand life through wins and losses. This picture of Tani says it all.



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