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Game Over, Queen's Gambit, Checkmate are some of the words you may be familiar. However, are you ready to face the battle on the chessboard? Chess coaching for beginners (juniors or adults) or players under 1500 Elo rating. Learn, develop and improve chess skills and use the knowledge for personal or professional growth. As humans, we like to expand, explore, innovate, design, build and resolve. Chess is a development tool for critical thinking, decision making, perseverance and discipline. It's suitable for all ages - young and old. Chess stimulates, strengthens, challenges mind, body & soul. Connect with chess enthusiasts and play the best move.



NZ Chess GrandMaster

Get to know New Zealand Grand Master, Murray Chandler. In the picture GM Murray Chandler v/s GM Viktor Kuprichik at a tournamanet in the USSR, Minks 1982.

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