Nadia Braganza wins a Gold Medal at the Oceania Chess Championship

Nadia Braganza at Oceania Chess Championship

Nadia Braganza at the Oceania Youth and Oceania Under 20's Chess Championship.

 Oceania Youth and Oceania Under 20’s Chess Championship was held in Auckland at Alexandra Park from 5th to 12 January 2019. This event was held for the first time in the Oceania Zone and organised by the Auckland Chess Centre.

This tournament was represented by players from different countries - Australia, New Caledonia, Fiji and the host country New Zealand.

There were two categories - Open and Girls and within these categories were sub-categories for different age group from Under 8s to Under 20.

The Competition was fierce and long where players battled to achieve their goals during the 9 rounds.

One of the highlight of the tournament was the chess titles for winners in the age categories starting with IM/WIM (International Master / Women International Master); FM/WFM (Fide Master/Women Fide Master) and CM/WCM (Candidate Master / Women Candidate Master) including Norms for top players.

We followed Nadia Braganza, who played in the Girls Category Under 20 within the age group range from Under 14 to Under 20.

Nadia had some tough opponents during the 9 rounds and faced opponents from different Federations including players from the host country. Her final score is 4.5/9 which includes 3 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses.

When we chatted with Nadia, she was calm and smiling in winning the Ist place and a Gold Medal but confesses of the missed opportunities. Apart from the Ist place in her age category i.e. Under 14, Nadia also achieved the Women’s Fide Master Title.
Nadia Braganza at Oceania Chess Championship
Nadia is happy with her achievement and aims to gain some rating points to claim the Title in the near future and prepares to play at the 126th New Zealand Chess Congress in the Open section which begins today.

We will follow Nadia at the NZ Chess Congress to check on her performance and experience in playing within the Open section.


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