George Trundle Championship - Chess for nine days



George Trundle, The round-robin chess event was just right to keep chess enthusiasts busy during the school holidays and chess taking priority in their busy schedules. This year the interest was more from the locals due to travel restrictions allowing the locals to win prizes within all the categories - Masters, Qualifiers, Reserves & Talents. IM Paul Garbett won the George Trundle Championship with a strong score of 7/9 in the Master's section. CM Richard Meng, Aaron Wang and Lucas Barnett-Harris each took the top place within the Qualifiers, Reserves and Talents section respectively. While WCM Nadia Braganza shared third place with Simon Lyall in the Reserves section. 

This event seems to be gaining popularity due to long time control and being a round-robin event allowing players to be better prepared over the board.

I must say if you have the time and the patience, this is something you want to consider if you are a professional chess player who can manage to handle the pressure for nine days.  

A similar event ‘Peter Stuart Masters 2021’ is being organised by the North Shore Club for October school holidays.


A full result of the event is available from here.