Final Round and NZ Chess Congress joint Winners GM Timur Gareyev and FM Brendan Clarke

Nadia Braganza at NZ Congress in Round 9

The final moments at New Zealand Open Chess Championship and on completion of Round no. 9

WCM Nadia Braganza in the 9th Round defeated Roland Brockman of Australia. It was an exciting game for Nadia and finished on the scoreboard with 3 points of 9. It wasn't the best score but it was great to have some points on the scoreboard as the NZ Open section is a tough category to play to win or equalise but the knowledge and experience gained would benefit Nadia in the long run.

The NZ Open Championship is jointly won by GM Timur Gareyev of USA and FM Brendan Clarke of England. FM Brendan Clarke was leading by half a point throughout the tournament but drew in the last round against IM Aleksandar Wohl of Australia which allowed GM Timur Gareyev to equalise after defeating FM Robert Smith of NZ.

The New Zealand Joint winners are IM Anthony Kerr and IM Russell Dive who fought hard until the last round against the top chess players. We have captured some pictures of the final day.

NZ Open Championship at NZ Congress GM Timur Gareyev

GM Timur Gareyev is well known for skydiving and has over 150 solo jumps. In collaboration with the US Chess Federation, Timur's video skydiving with the chessboard is fascinating as he holds the last position of an 18th-century classical romantic game. 
GM Gareyev Timur skydiving for US Chess Federation

 Here is the video published by the US Chess Federation and one of the image is featured as the cover shot of ChessLife magazine published in November 2018 by the US Chess Federation.



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