46th Trusts Open - Chess Attraction



The Kings Birthday Weekend was a busy weekend for chess enthusiasts of all ages coming together from various location including overseas to play at the 46th Trusts Open held in Auckland. Players of all skill levels convened at the 46th Trusts Open during The Kings Birthday Weekend, attracting participants from around the world.

This event includes 4 categories allowing Juniors to display their skills at chess including writing the notations on the score sheet.  Writing notations is not easy for juniors in identifying the letters and the numbers for the piece move meeting point. However its important to keep a record of the move at these events for various reasons including any disputes for draws or wins or loses. Players are required to write notations on the score sheet in the official standard time control chess events.  This task can be challenging for younger participants who may struggle with identifying letters and numbers. Keeping a record of moves is crucial for resolving disputes and determining outcomes.

The Championship winner is decided from the A grade with big prize money including bonus for picket fence score.  Its difficult to achieve picket fence ie 6 out of 6 due to growing number of young talent and attendance at this competitive event.  This prestigious competition rewards excellence in the A grade category, offering substantial prize money along with a bonus for achieving a perfect picket fence score. 

The young talent FM Alphaeus Ang scored 5.5 out of 6 taking home the Championship Trophy and the prize money and retaining the Trophy for the second time.

Furthermore, the competition showcased the exceptional skills of FM Alphaeus Ang, demonstrating his expertise in the field especially in the last round of the game fighting for a draw in an unbalanced endgame position. FM Alphaeus Ang's exceptional performance in the competition highlights his unparalleled expertise in the field, securing a well-deserved victory and showcasing his skills in the last round.

If you have missed playing at this event, catch up at the next Calendar event for over the board play.